Internet backbone – How the world is actually connected

Internet backbone – How the world is actually connected

Found this really cool website that keeps update info about the actual internet backbone. How the world is actually physically connected with submarine cables.

So what does it all mean

it actually means how the internet actually works. What happens when you type “” and the server is located somewhere in France while like me, you are comfortably sitting in your room in Bangalore.

So the request is first transmitted from your modem to the local ISP (Internet Service Provider – Airtel in my case). Then it is sent to either Chennai or Mumbai where the Main location of the ISP is. Then it is sent via physical cables to France where the server is located to get the page you requested. Look at the image below

The physical cable connecting India to France

I also got an image of Internet mapping done for all the IPS connected.

You can get the detailed info here

Internet mapping of all IPs since 1997
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